The Statster has some tricks up his sleeve

And he wants to share them with your business!

Business Photos by Google

The newest of Statster’s services is Google Business Photos, which utilizes Google Street View technology to give customers an idea of the layout, décor, and ambience of your business. You are no longer limited to Santa Clarita because this high-quality, 360-degree, interactive tour can be found on Google Search results, Google Maps, and Google+ Local.

For your convenience, you can also embed the tour on your own website and social media. These Photos are ideal for all businesses, but they are especially recommended for restaurants, retail shops, gyms, and salons. Seasonal shoots can also be done to keep customers up to date on what’s new with your business. Concerned about privacy? Don’t worry, all images are reviewed to ensure they meet Google's quality and privacy standards.

AdSense by Google

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with AdWords, Statster can help. With Statster by your side, you'll just need to figure out what your online advertisement will say and he’ll do the rest. Statster will choose key words that relate to your business (location, services, etc.) and then he’ll set where your ads should appear online. That way, when someone enters those key words, your business’s website or advertisement will appear in their search.

You also have the opportunity to set your own budget because there is no minimum spending budget. You’re only charged when your advertisement is clicked.

Even when you’re not working, you’re advertising!

Business Directory

When you work with Statster, you’ll automatically be added into his business directory. He's made friends with some major Santa Clarita business directories, so you're listing will be added there too. Here, someone looking for services or products like yours can find your business name in the directory as well as your contact info. Statster’s quite the matchmaker.

Social Media Development

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wordpress – you name it, Statster can do it. As a social robot, he knows social media, and he can help you promote your business through these popular social networks. By building your business’s online presence through these kinds of websites,
consumers will become familiar with your brand as they go through their news feeds.

Statster can not only help you launch your websites, he can also give you tips on how to maintain them as well as special techniques you can use to reach your target audience.